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Elvira Television Credits

4/7/98, The Ru Paul Show, VH-1

10/97, Elvira's Movie Macabre Halloween Special, KCAL- TV

10/31/97, Nash Bridges, "Frankie", Rysher, TV/Series/CBS

2/2/97, E!Rotica, Elvira, E! Entertainment Channel

10/31/96, The Newlywed Game, Columbia/Tristar

10/30/96, Ricki Lake, Entrada Productions

10/96, KABC-TV News Promotions, KABC Promotions

10/28/96, ABC Monday Night Football, ABC Sports

10/19/96, Anti-Gravity Room, YTV Canada, Sci-Fi Channel

6/96, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Cartoon Network

2/15/96, Strange Universe Tonight, Barosse/Roberts Television

8/5/95, Hellogoodnight, Self, Hellogoodnight Productions, TV/Pilot/Synd.

9/14/95, Attack of the Killer "B" Movies, NBC, TV/Special

11/17/94, Halloween Bash, Fox

10/30/93, Halloween Movie Schlock-a- thon, Queen "B" ProductionsTBS

10/93, ABC in Concert Halloween Jam II, ABC Productions

1993, The Word, TV/Series/England

11/92, CBS Friday the 13th Promos, CBS/Broadcast Group

10/92, Heartstoppers...Horror At The Movies, Barbera Romen

10/92, ABC In Concert Halloween Jam, ABC Productions

2/16/92, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, CPT Holdings Inc

10/31/91, VH-1 Top 21 Countdown

10/31/91, Joe Bob Briggs Drive in Theatre

10/31/91, Arsenio Hall Show, Elvira, Paramount TV

10/27/91, Halloween Havoc, Turner Television, TV/Special/PPV

10/27/91, Horror Hall of Fame II

10/91, MTV's Totally Pauly

4/91, Babylone, Babylone Productions, TV/Series/France

6/1/91, Best of Totally Hidden Video, FA Productions inc

10/90, Horror Hall of Fame

1/3/90, Thirtysomething, MGM/UA

1990, "Halloween Havoc '90", Turner Television

11/20/89, Heavy Metal Heaven (6 episodes), Queen "B" Productions, BBC England

10/31/89, Totally Hidden Video

10/31/89, After Hours

10/31/89, Arsenio Hall Show, Paramount TV

10/89, "Halloween Havoc '89", Turner Television

8/89, Beach Boys Endless Summer

3/17/89, MTV's Just Say Julie

3/2/89, Dick Clark's "Friday Night Surprise", Dick Clark Productions,

1989, Elvira's Thriller Theatre (20 Episodes), Queen "B" Productions, Australia

1989, Super Mario Brothers "Sing For The Unicorn"

1989, Super Mario Brothers "Mummies Curse"

10/31/88, ABC Monday Night Football

10/9/88, Magical World of Disney, Andrew Solt Productions

10/7/88, Friday Night Videos

9/12/88, Tonight Show(Jay Leno), Carson Productions

9/7/88, MTV Music Video Awards, Elvira Presenter

9/88, Elvira's Premiere Party,  MTV

8/23/88, The 15th Annual Saturn Awards, Elvira Presenter, Hawkeye Entertainment

10/31/87, Saturday Night Live, NBC Productions

10/30/87, Friday Night Videos, Bon Bon Productions

10/31/86, Elvira's in Salem Halloween Special, Queen "B" Productions

4/07/86, Wrestlemania II, World Wrestling Federation

1986, MTV Music Video Awards

10/31/85, Tonight Show (Joan Rivers), Carson Productions

10/31/85, The Fall Guy October the 32nd, Fox

10/28/85, TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes, The C & C Joint Venture

8/85, Bob Hope Buys NBC, Hope Enterprises

2/24/85, Bob Hope Lampoons TV 1985, Hope Enterprises

2/04/85, TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes, The C & C Joint Venture

1985, Joan Rivers Tribute to Heidi Abramowitz, Rivers-Rosenberg Productions,

10/31/84, Macabre TV Elvira's Halloween Special, Queen "B" Productions

10/31/84, The Fall Guy October the 31st, Fox

10/31/84, Tonight Show(David Brenner), Carson Productions

7/1/84, Solid Gold, Paramount Television

2/9/84, Life's Most Embarrassing Moments, Reeves Ent./Woody Fraser Productions,

2/84, CHEESEBALL, Elvira, Cheeseball Prods., TV/Pay TV/Select TV

1/84, Paragon of Comedy, Oliver B. Wilson

11/30/83, Thicke of the Night, MGM/UA

10/26/83, Real People, George Schlatter Productions

10/83, The Richard Simmons Show, Fraser-Simmons Productions

10/20/83, Last Of the Great Survivors, CBS Entertainment

1983, Chips, MGM Film Company

, Chips,Rock Devil Rock, MGM Film Company

5/82, 3-D TV, KHJ

5/82-2/84, Elvira's Movie Macabre, Syndicated (39 episodes), Contel

3/27/82, Those Fabulous Image Makers, Elvira, Presenter, Arthur Kennard Associates

9/81-7/13/85, Elivira's Movie Macabre(119 episodes), KHJ






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