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Michael Myers


What’s a horror film without a slasher? Christopher Durand is the horrifying Michael Myers, also known as "The Shape", in Miramax’s August 5th, 20th anniversary release of "Halloween H2O", which also stars its original lead, Jamie Lee Curtis. Durand portrays one of the most infamous horror figures ever portrayed on the big screen, who is forever creating the fear horror movie-goers seek. We may never see Durand’s true fašade in "Halloween H20", but his piercing eyes, frightening demeanor and death defying stunts penetrate the big screen in the role that first began the era of what is now known as "slasher" movies.

A stuntman for 12 years, it is unusual for someone of Durand’s trade to land a key role in a major motion picture release. When Durand was chosen to portray "The Shape", later affectionately named "Shapey" by Jamie Lee Curtis which eventually became his nick name on the set, he had never seen even one of the Halloween film series. Durand decided to tackle this role blindly, lead only by his instincts for creating fear and horror through solely using his eyes and phsyicality.

Graduating from UCLA with a degree in archeology, Durand always had a natural ability to do stunts and yearned to make a career out of this talent. Just out of college, he learned how to sneak onto sound stages and back lots where he met stunt coordinators and began networking his way into a job. In 1986, he landed his first role in "Cameron’s Closet" which was the stepping stone he needed to begin his successful career as a stuntman. Durand commented, "By the time you become a successful stuntman, you could have become a doctor." But Durand’s perserverance paid off. Since his first role in "Cameron’s Closet", Durand has appeared in numerous films including:


"Forrest Gump"

"Star Trek: Generations"

"Demolition Man"

"The Mask"

"Tango and Cash"

"The Last Boyscout"

"Encino Man"

"The Crow"

"The Doors"

"Rapid Fire"

and many others.

Requiring great physical strength and precision in his career, Durand is skilled in martial arts (kickboxing, Kali and Gung Fu), gymnastics, acrobatic tumbling, technical rock climbing and downhill skiing, among other sports. Durand currently resides in Los Angeles.

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