Written By: Gene Simmons, Bruce Kulick, Tommy Thayer

Sung By:
Gene Simmons
From Albums:


I lived a life of illusion and you had your kicks
So what, there's nothing left to do
And you and your obsessions and your crucifix
As if what I thought mattered much to you

And you were always my friend from Childhood's End
It was forever and ever
Did you understand
It's Childhood's End

But never, the dream is over
Sunday morning in the New York Times
I read you died last night
It said you were smilin' when you blew your mind
And the note you left behind said:

You were always my friend from Childhood's End
Seems like forever and ever
Yeah, you won't have to have to pretend
It's near the end
You won't ever be a rock and roller
Yeah, you were always my friend from Childhood's End
But never, the dream is over
You were just like me
I was just like you
For eternity
I'll think of you

(Repeat choruses, overlapping, fade out)

You've got something about you,
You've got something I need..."

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