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Bullet Holes and Vampire Bites

Required Materials:

Spirit Gum

Vaseline (or cold cream)

Derma wax (Fake Skin)

Blood (Fake Blood of course)


Liquid Latex

Facial make up (or grease paint)

1) The first thing to do is to apply a thin layer of spirit gum on the area to be shot (always allow spirit gum to dry and get tacky before trying to stick any thing to it) Where you place the effect can be important, you should pick a spot that won't be affected by facial expression or body movement. I like the middle of the forehead.


2) Then smear a thin layer of Vaseline or cold cream on your fingers (This is to keep the derma wax from sticking to you) Then scoop out a small bit of derma wax, and roll it into a ball the size of a pea.


3)  Put the pea at the center of where you applied the spirit gum, and blend in just the edges. At this point it should look like a big pimple


4)  Then take the eraser side of a pencil and press it into the center of the pimple and shape to desired effect. (It shouldn't take much)


Optional steps:

5) If you want your make up to last a little longer you will need to apply a thin layer of sealer, this will help the pliable derma wax to keep it's shape. You can use liquid latex or flexible collodion.

6) To enhance your wound you might want to put some bruising around the hole to simulate trauma.


7)  Then all you have to do is drip in a bit of blood and strike a pose.


If you are looking for a vampire bite. (My personal favorite) Just put two bullet holes side by side and you've been bitten.


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