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Half a Face

Required materials:

White, & Black Make up

Black Eye Liner Pencils


Baby Powder

1) Remembering to always start with lighter colors, start with white.
2) Once you have the white painted on half your face you're going to want to powder it to set it. You see most make up is oil based, which means it will not dry. If you rub it, it will rub off, it will sweat off. So if you powder your make up it absorbs the oil out of the make up and sets it. This will keep the white and black from blending into grey as you apply the black. (Not powdering is the most common mistake I see, a make up job that probably looked great when they left the house turns into a ball of muck the first time they break a sweat, or scratch their face) This may fade the make up a bit, but if you pat it with a wet sponge or towel the colors will return to their original state.
Helpful Hint: If you had the money and resources you could go and get some expensive talc and some fancy shmancy powder puff or powder brush, but I just take some baby powder and dump it into a sock and tie the end of it off. That way all I have to do is pat it over the face.
3) Next paint on the black in the eye socket and on the nose.
4) Next use a black eye liner pencil for the teeth and to clean up the edges of the eye and nose. and powder again.
5) Then apply derma wax down the middle of the face along the edge of the make up. For more on this go to Fresh Cuts or Click Here.

6) Dump in some blood

7) Then let your hair down, and strike a pose.


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