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From Light Into Darkness
Chapter 4
By: DarkenAngel

	There is nothing of importance to say of the next few months. I became the
student of Alexander and Juliet, Alexander showing me my strengths and my
weaknesses, and Juliet showing me how to use my femininity to hunt and to charm.

	April and Vincent became distant acquaintances, for I saw a dislike for the
girl in the eyes of Juliet and a distrust for her companion Vincent. Juliet had
taught me of the order which Alexander and herself lived by and the other
vampires who were part of their league. She also taught me of the enemies, that
is, the ones who did not share their beliefs and disgraced the maturity of the
preternatural race in the eyes of Alexander and the others. I was warned to stay
away from these individuals, and from time to time I glimpsed these individuals
and was quickly steered away from them.

	On the night I begin this, snow covered the ground in Paris. It was toward the
end of winter, and the cold touched me through the cape I wore around my
shoulders, but it caused a pleasing sensation as it touched the sensitive nerves
in my face.

	Juliet was walking with me along the Paris streets. She seemed angry at
something, and she continuously looked around her as if she were uneasy. Her
apparent fear unnerved me, so I used my enhanced senses to their fullest, trying
to discover what it was that frightened her. Suddenly, I felt wind against my
face and when I looked in front of me, I saw Vincent Montage. I glanced at
Juliet and saw that April stood in front of her.

	"Is it true?" Juliet asked harshly.

	April laughed at her scornfully. "Of course it is true. I have defied the
order, committed the ultimate sin in your leader's eyes."

	"What is she speaking of?" I asked Juliet. She turned to answer me but before
she could speak, April hit her with a force that sent her backwards.
Juliet rose to her feet, eyes blazing brightly with rage. "No, Juliet!" I
exclaimed. "Not where you might be seen."

	April laughed again. "Your student has learned well from her teacher. Let us
handle this in a more private place."

	"Yes. Let us end this. You will die for your sins. You are a disgrace to our
kind, a vagabond in fine clothes. Be assured, had we known this earlier, you
would never have been allowed this close. In truth, you most likely would not be
living at this moment." Juliet replied as we entered into a dark alleyway. There
was a man here, homeless and most likely mad from the flickering images that
came from his mind. A simple projected thought from the silent Vincent who stood
behind me caused him to move past us quickly and unsteadily, mumbling to
himself, or ghosts perhaps. I turned from him to the present conflict. Juliet's
eyes blazed and then, without warning she struck April to the ground.

	April rose, wiping the blood from her lips, eyes blazing fiercely. She flew at
Juliet with a speed no mortal would have been able to follow. Juliet caught her
arms and the two were locked into a deadly embrace, immortal strength struggling
against immortal strength. Hellish screams came from both women, and I turned to
the entryway of the alley, listening for thoughts from mortals to indicate if
anyone heard. As I turned, I realized that Vincent was no longer standing behind

	I turned back to the fight quickly and saw Vincent step behind Juliet, a jagged
piece of wood in his upraised hand. "No!!" I screamed, lunging with every ounce
of speed I had. The force hit him unexpectedly and he fell with a grunt of
surprise, the weapon of destruction flung from his hand. I reached for it and he
tried to stop me, but I took my free hand and reached out. My long pointed,
vampire nails found their mark, cutting deep into the flesh of his face,
streaking his blond hair with crimson.

	The searching fingers of my other hand found the weapon and closed around it as
Vincent roared with pain. I brought the jagged stake around and struck with it
blindly. I felt the tip break through flesh and bone and Vincent's roar turned
to one of fury. "A fledgling!" he whispered as he fell back. He looked at his
outstretched arm and then he grabbed me and flung me against the far wall with
enough force to kill a mortal, as his strength failed him. I remembered nothing
but pain then, excruciating pain as I felt the bones splinter inside of me. My
right arm was twisted at an impossible angle beneath me and I could not move my
legs. The pain in my head was pounding and my vision was beginning to dim.

	I could sense that Vincent Montage had died, could hear the echo of thoughts. I
heard a cry and strained painfully to see and my gaze came upon Juliet as she
flung April a final time against the ground. Juliet used no weapon as I had. Her
rage led her. She bent and tore savagely at April's throat while the girl lay on
the cobblestones, unconscious from a severe head injury. She took the vampire's
blood into herself until there was no more and the girl's skin was translucent
in the moonlight.

	I lowered my head. My strength was failing quickly now. I kept my eyes open and
I heard Juliet's words as she spoke to the body of April. "I told you that you
would pay for your sins. I told you there would be no forgiveness. That you
betrayed us as you did, as you betrayed me, mon ami. I had loved you, I taught
you everything that I knew and told you my secrets. I shared my strength with
you. You betrayed me. . ."

	As I passed into painless darkness I heard a sound that I never wanted to hear
again, but did, many times. I heard the sound of a vampire crying in agony, in
heart-broken, unabashed sobs. I felt the emotional pain as a knife and in fact
probably entered into unconsciousness because of it. I heard the imploring voice
that was so young even though the soul was ancient. Juliet cried to the heavens,
saying words that might or might not have been a prayer, in an ancient language
I had never heard and then all was darkness.

			*			*			*
	I awoke slowly, my eyes fluttering open. It was warm here and I heard the
crackle of a fire nearby. I sensed a presence nearby, an immortal one, and not
Alexander's. I rose slowly and painfully, aware that my dress had been removed
and I was left in petticoats and shift and covered with a thick blanket. I
managed to stay in a sitting position. I rubbed my aching head. I glanced at the
walls. They were stone.

	There was movement in the corner of the room and my eyes were drawn immediately
to it. I gasped in shock as I recognized the creature coming toward me. It was
Raven, the mysterious one, the one who had appeared to me that night months ago.
I moved to rise and he came forward with supreme speed and was at my side,
grasping my arms tightly. The expression on his face frightened me. I knew not
what would occur next . . .

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