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Lost, searching, captured in a bitter wind
I traverse lands never traveled
Dream Nightmares that have never been...
All has ceased, Death rules this place...
Or is it Fate, cursed Despair, or Time?
Here I know nothing..and Nothing knows me
In this place I see all, and yet I am blind

Confusion, Anger, what else must I face?
Deceit covers this strange world...
Here, Passion is Poison, and Fear has a taste
Is it Lies that surround me? Perhaps it is Truth...
Or Fantasy? Reality? Or even...SOMETHING ELSE??
My mind reels in this Torment, echoes this Thought...
Is this the Destiny whose coming I never really felt?

Here, the Demons cry and the Angels laugh
I am lost in this
Is this a sign of my Present? My Future? My Past??
Here, my screams are whispers, my words are cries...
Where am I?? Tell me before I drown in this sadness!
A whisper in the bitter wind murmers softly to me...
This is madness.....Madness......MADNESS!


Madness The Shadow Dweller Parting


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