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"The Parting"
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Betrayal, come when I thought it left behind

Come from one whom I had thought warm and kind.

I was a fool to think that by me it would pass.

A fool to think this bliss, this joy of life, could last.


It brought back memories of a time long ago.

Brought them to me, caused my tears to flow.

I thought of the first, for whom I would have died.

I thought of him, of the words I discovered were lies.


He was tall and fair, hair of gold, eyes of blue.

I fell for him, followed him, thought his words were true.

He said he loved me, that I was a dear and beloved friend.

Funny. I think now with a bitter laugh, How quickly that did end.


It had started with the others, on a warm summer’s day.

I became their ‘chosen one’, whose soul they wished to slay.

Week after week of torment I endured

I was convinced that by his word it would all be cured.


So to him I went, told him my pain, my fears.

And he, my mentor, caused me to smile through my tears.

I entered back into the world again, again felt the sun.

I was a fool to think that by his word it would be done.


They returned, their tortures they did not cease.

How could I have thought that by his promise, I would gain peace?

And yet again I went to him, my mentor, and pleaded, begged.

Showed him openly my pain, showed him how my heart bled.


Again came promises, I knew then that to me he lied.

At that point, something inside of me died.

I fled away, away from him, away from the pain.

And even at that point I knew that I would never again be the same.


And now, you have come, brought back to me this sorrow.

As if my happiness and peace you wished to borrow.

You could have asked, I would have shared this with you

All that was required was that your words be true.


I have forgiven you, as will always be my way.

My friendship with you, I will allow cautiously to stay.

If again it happens I will flee from the pain.

And from that moment on, I shall not be the same . . .

Madness The Shadow Dweller Parting


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