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Resolved: To get closer to the flame.

From: The Vampire Dagon
To: Azling
Subj: ~Appendix~ Resolved: To get closer to the flame.
Date: 12/17/98 8:09:21 PM US Eastern Standard Time

Azling, Azling,

My pun of Mr. Hyde is no idle chitchat; you do have me feeling like Dorian Grey. My last writing seems rushed and superficial. Your words do haunt me; "……….I do so love the thrill of a blind challenge…….pounding rhythmic pumps" and all …… And of course "a thick cloak of deceit that (we) wear so well".

As I right this … my insight of you is likened to the grand riddle~ Is death the end to all there is; the final triumphant lover, or is death the loving mother, giving birth to us, with us suckling at her breast until we are nurtured enough to mature? Who ever knows for sure is a fool! Whatever the case, ……. NOW is truly all we have …... But if things are pleasant now should we do our best to freeze them in time and become complacent in their familiarity; or take the chance at change (as if we could stop it) and grab for the elusive …. enticing …. Shiny brass ring. Knowing that the attempt may throw you off the carousel, bringing the ride to an abrupt end …... things normally come to their natural conclusion. I apologize in advance for being blunt and obtuse. It is just my muse can be quite a bitch at times. So in the spirit of the moth trying to kiss the flame without getting his lips
burnt, I offer three sets of three queries.

1.) The year(s)? PAST
2.) An image of (at the very least) the gateways to your soul. PRESENT
3.) Are you betrothed? FUTURE

1.) Your proximity?
2.) Your vocation?
3.) Your thing?

1.) My name?
2.) Your name?
3.) A wild card, a direct fact of your choice.

All I ask you do is one of two things; reject these queries out of hand no questions asked ….. annul this installment and respond to the last, and we can continue down our current path where ever it my lead… or; …. answer one of each of the three groups, I leave to you which shades of darkness to illuminate. I give room for specificity, ambiguity, or nothing at all, like death herself. After all, in any case ….. Azling, my sweet mistress …… you are in the driver's seat. I relinquish all power to you …… for now, ….. in this subtle pyridine shift. And I reiterate, I am an open book …. and would submit to any similar inquiry.

I will take your cup of poison, nail me to your cross and break me.
Bleed me, beat me …. kill me ….. Take me now ……
Before I change my mind.




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