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~The Burning Moth~

Dec 28 1998


I must say I am the most elated basketcase this side of the Aurora Borealis. (have you ever seen them, in-f*ckin-credible!) Your message this morning made me melt. I so much wanted to feel your soothing kiss on my brow last night, hear your sweet whispers, melt in your arms and simply spoon in heavenly slumber. Falling asleep as a child and wake up a man. Yes, last night was exquisitely painful as your iron maiden spikes of affection closed in on me and crunched into my bones. I loved it. I was insane, drooling, crying, and bouncing of the walls. I do confess waiting for your call, I lost it, ended breaking stealthily into a friend's house only to wake the entire household when I got your reply. They were slightly perturbed, but have gotten quite used to shaking their heads in disbelief at me. (living vicariously through my mayhem) Quite a story I am not up to translating at this moment.
(adrenaline hangover and all)

You do not know how many times I dialed the first 9 #'s of your number, how many times I snatched up Lenore and said let's go. I wanted to kiss the tears of joy off your face, so badly. Your last response kept me in check, you blow me away, being able to think and be strong when the world is spinning of its axis, it makes me love you even more.

There is SOOOO much I need to say to you, soo many things. You touch my soul, so many of the smallest things, too many to enumerate. I can not wait to read them with you and let you know them all. The only thing that keeps me from exploding is the fact that I realize although unspoken you know already what they are, and I know my words have somehow lived in your live before this, I am dying to know how.

By the way, as a child, from the first time I saw it; The ying yang has always been close to my heart. (big surprise)

One other thing, "We must remain perfect stangers" I take this line to mean even when old and gray, having spent our lives together, we will still find fresh surprise in each other every single day. In this way, I make this pledge "We must remain perfect stangers."

This day in heaven, seraphs sob with joy and sing praises that Azling and Dagon will soon be writing their stories in living, breathing reality.

Writhing like a worm on a hook, awaiting my sweet barracuda to swallow me up.

Counting the days,
Pacing the floors,
Licking my chops,

~Complete, undying, love,~
~For you Susan~

~Your man, always~

P.S. Please, I must know what picture you look at when you think of me.




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