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~A Christmas Miracle~

Dec 25 1998

I am sitting quietly eating my Christmas diner, looking about the table at those whom I consider my family, all of whom I love dearly. Although as a younger vamp I was quite a handful, I would not want to cause a moment of dread on any of their faces. Everyone caught up in the chitchat of the day, enjoying the loving company. Close to the end of meal, one of them belts out "And why are you so quiet? That's not like you? What's new with you?" I stand up at the table and tap a spoon at the crystal holding my drink, "A TOAST," every one raises their glasses and gapes slack-jawed, wild-eyed, and stupefied as I proclaim; "A toast to the season, for this was the year I met the woman I am to marry!" (which I know is a lie, because I haven't met you yet. Rattle, rattle. Thud, thud.)

Merry savior day, my savior,

Thank you my love, for not keeping me breathless. This means more than you know, but I would wait forever in madness for your word, without a second thought. I have been spending the last 24 hours trying to catch my breath, I am not sure I have.

Azling..... Kimber.... Susan.....

I *know* I love you. I do not take these words lightly in any way, I am as serious as a heart attack. We are one when I read your words. (think my thoughts, feel my emotions) Every sentence another Psalm for the next millenia. I will no longer apologize for "deranged" writings. They are not "deranged" if you, my love, feel the intent, they are INSPIRED by you. I feel somehow, I am writing to myself.

I will compose a response to your response to my response, about the history that has brought me to you, I read the highlights you shared with me and I love them and I love you. We truly are a drug, the fruit of knowledge. One bite and I am given a glimpse into the mind of my inter-dimensional counterpart here on earth. I am addicted. I wish to fill your cup. You have a thirst my love, as you wish. We thirst for one and the same nectar. We are the ying and yang. Complete and different individuals yet blend as one. We will be together….. in the flesh, in spirit, in mind, in soul, and every other f**kin' way there is. "Soul mates" in ways that we can not even imagine. How is this possible? I do not know, I do not care, it is so. I am driven by ~you~

Please feel free to read between any line I submit, your "insight" has proven to me that it serves you well, very well indeed. The leap of faith of our meeting is grandiose in the extreme, few could even imagine, let alone fulfill, but it pales in comparison to the leap of love I have made for you. I am giving my heart and undying love to you in blind faith, lying it on your pillow like a rusty old tin can.

The reason you can not get the Poe stuff is entirely my fault, it is in the programming and only works on some computers, and it is something I have been racking my brains over. Director can be a b*tch sometimes. Grrrrr. Sorry. I will work out the kinks. Until then,I feel your request, so I thought I would send you part of it as a wave file as a sort of Christmas present, I hope you like it. I am wanting you to hear it in its entirety.

+ a fun photo.
I hold a beast of the water in my hands, a dangerous and exhilarating experience in and of itself. I tell the worried owner of the beast and girlfriend at the time, who is no slouch "Get your camera, I have to stick my head in his mouth." She freaks "No, are you insane? I just got him what if he bites your head?" "Then I'd really want a picture! Come on, he's not even that big." She aimlessly points and shoots the camera once or twice, far too soon, and refuses to look any further. She misses even seeing me with my face fully within his fang ridden jaws then dancing with the beast in joy.I knew at the time if this woman had been, my "soul mate", she would have watched intently and held her breath until the apex of the moment to snap the perfect shot, then would have handed me the camera and said with a wink and biting smile, "My turn!"We just my be the death of each other, what a way to go.

crock.jpg (27188 bytes)

Blood & Kisses,


PS. Just to let you know how the story at the beginning ended, I told them it was an extra-ordinary e-mail relationship; every one had a good laugh.




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