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~Closer to the thigh~

Dec 26 1998


My home computer has been down and I have been going mad. I am at a friends house and just recieved your last two e-mails and have not read them. Rest assured when ever you thing of me I am thinking of you, I know this because I ALWAYS think of you.

Here is a thought I had last night.
~I have had knives thrown at me. I know that rush well, very well, indeed. When you speak of this it makes me weep. If we could experience 20% of what I have already lived from the other side of the coin, you are my “soul mate.”

Let me tell you the story of a soul mate some time, but now just a taste.
Once there were a couple of mischievous scamps of the same name, friends of old, performing the renaissance circuit.
~The Whimsical William Warriors~
Theirs was a show that the other performers at the fair would come to watch, over and over to see if this was the day that one would kill the other, wondering if they were really that good. The act included many things but culminated in feats that displayed one of a kind, state of the art talents and unequivocal faith in the others skills on both their parts, the knife throwing. Out of the few acts of it’s kind, most are faked with a gimmick that has the knife pushed out from the back of the target with a thud. The handful that are fool hearty enough to attempt the “real thing” have their target standing very still and try to come as close to the victim as they can. Taking balls of steal on the part of the victim, but not necessarily talent. But Blaze~n~Bill & Wild Byll took it to the limit. Blazen would throw knives at Wild’s head. The knife in the air and the head in its path, at the last second Wild would move his head, only his head and the knife would thud on the board precisely where the middle of his face had been. Jumping and dodging the blades all while bumbling and taunting each other. At the end cutting a rose from my lips. Four shows a day. I have had a knife stick my hair to the board (I am glad he noticed) and one literally touched my nose. I have all this on video. When he died in an unrelated tragedy, I was sure nothing like this would ever be seen again.

Until Tomorrow comes,
I will dream of yesterday,

I love you


I will be at work tomorrow and respond to your last two.



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