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~Grave Revelations~

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From: thevampiredagon
To: Azling
Subj.~Grave Revelations~
Date: 12/15/98 8:23:53 PM US Eastern Standard Time

the shaded mask's.......the surging repetition of the deep Baritone .. surreally high screams .... the weathered amulet........ the confines of her slender..paled..throat............the sharply cut features of the seven foot statue............"old" stomping grounds .... an unforgettable taint of pleasure.....:::: ohhh..such a shame if not..::a grazing bite to her lower lip

My dearest Azling,

My, my, you are killing me. Your first contact had me reminiscing though the cobwebs of my past bringing on a flood of wonderfully horrible memories from this time and that. (most of which I am sure has nothing to do with us) Your second installment of our unique relationship is no less inspiring in quite different directions. I have no compunction about the lapse of time between revelations, we both know it takes time to convey the thoughts off the top of our respective heads. There are times, I am sure; you will afford me the same luxury. I could wait forever I have got time.

I do confess that I was in the city with the big shoulders while waiting for your last reply. Taking you at your word I suppose I was what you "sensed". I could ascribe this feeling to another "similar in nature" except for the fact that there is no one "similar in nature". This is truly not intended as a statement of ego; But good, bad, or indifferent it is simply true, but I am sure you know that.

I can certainly understand your trepidation about dropping in on me, a definitive leap of faith (who knows what I might be up to? or if I am me for that matter) but the thought is exciting to contemplate. Would you really hold it against me if I "surprised" you? As much as I would like to be prepared, I have to admit that I would be less than forthright if I told you I was disappointed that you passed up the opportunity.

Alas, when in grace, life is long and I am sure the circle will retain its symmetry.

Which brings me to the memories you speak of, the kind you bring to your grave, feeling lucky that they taunt you at all. Not sure weather you harbor them against your will because of their shear intensity or that you will them close in fear they may fade. (as if they could) The arousal, let alone the capacity, of such emotion is rare indeed. I know them well, longing and fear comes with their memory. The possibility that I am not the one you are oozing for brings me more than a tinge of jealousy. Most of your intricately woven insights are compelling…. Some give me pause. But I must say I can be quite dense when distracted.

Make no mistake. You know in your heart exactly who I am, I am an open book and I wear my heart on my sleeve. My love, Azling, you belittle the games, the games that brought us together by your own hand, your very own delicate phalanges pecking away at your keyboard. We both know this game can end, or begin, at the simple mention of a forthright name. I am not complaining, on the contrary, after all, there are times I too, have been known to play with my food. As you can see you have gotten under Dr. Jeckyll's Hyde.

Till tomorrow comes I will dream of yesterday.

And my muse begs me to mention ... stumbling in the familiar darkness, I do await your next insight...

Let the games begin.

Contemplating my Trials and Tribulations on the Tree of Woe,

Blood & Kisses,




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