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~New Years Eve is Good~

Dec 27 1998

Susan my one and only soulmate,

My words have ran out. All I can say is ....Let the first words I hear you say be "I do". Let the first words you hear me say be "I do with all my f*#%in' heart." Let the first time we kiss be after the minister, or priest(whatever I'll convert) says you may kiss the bride. ...::on bended knee::...Will you marry me. I pledge to love you, now forever, and always. I will never stray, I pledge to do whatever it takes to keep the smile on your face and the wild in your eyes. Let the rave bar be our reception, Let the first time we make love be in the graveyard on our wedding night. My love, Susan, will you take my hand in holy matramony.

Your loving husband
William Hunt IV

My very best life long friend married my little sister "soul mates".
They invited me to visit them next month, they live in Orlando.
Sound like a good place for a honey moon.