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~Perfect Strangers?~

Dec 23 1998


Very rushed.
"I have no doubt … my thirst would quenched … that is if the fire you started…. Ever stopped burning to give me chance to drink." Yes, yes, very good, give me some aloe. This sounds like a thought of mine….. like I wrote it myself…... I think I did….. except….. you thought of it first…..You mentioned a thirst for knowledge about me. (I hear your thoughts and feel the same) Hearing you think this….. makes me wet, not to mention your knife throwing scenario. Wow, if you mean half of what you say as I believe you do, you truly are a special girl. And the thought of your ….(throaty) Mmm … Oh, my, I do so want to quench every thirst you have. And as your desire gave no particular specificity, I decided to answer some questions you ~probably?~ would never have asked. (after all, you are in my mind, I can not function, kill me quickly)

A bit of history.

Believe it or not.

~My first memory is of being startled by the ovation of a crowd I was performing for.
~ I love a good trampoline.
~At one time, my life long friends affectionately referred to me as "The Whimsical Freak Out Master".
~The first and only time I was bucked from a horse it was a moody Arabian.
~I am actually very shy but cover it up by being outgoing, if you had ever met me you would laugh and challenge that statement, but it is true.
~I am a drop dead sucker for a pierced navel. I will worship yours with glee, showering touches and kisses nibbling and tugging the ring with my teeth. I once pierced a navel, happily at her request, (the owner of the beast) while INSIDE the throws of heated passion.
~I too, have no tats. I have come very close, I even have a bit of a start, two dots, but it did not feel quite right. (more to come)
~ I consider myself daring but not wreckless.
~A friend you can trust enough to put you out, when you light yourself on fire, is a friend you can trust, indeed. (not to soon but not to late)
~My witty, blunt sense of humor and deep, wicked, hearty laugh sometimes gets me into trouble. (I will have to tell you about it sometime.)
~I am a little boy. In many ways I have not grown up yet, in some ways I hope I never do.
~I have never been married, I have never proposed. I have no children and have never impregnated a woman. I have spent a lot of time avoiding such things with but a few loving women whom would have made wonderful wives, for any normal person. Hoping for the relationship to grow, knowing it would not. Again I do not mean this as a statement of ego, but good, bad, or indifferent I am not
"normal". Note: I almost proposed once, had the ring in my pocket. ( I will have to tell you about it some time)
~I am circumcised. Along those lines, I have three where most have two.
~I now love all your music (and all good music) more than you know. It brings you here to me. It lets me breathe you in. I detest country and the void of passion…..elevator music. ..(more to come).
~Perfect Strangers started as a Deep Purple tribute band, revised from a band called Fantasm. We played all original horror metal, and performed each song like a play, masks and all.
~ My religion? Evangelical transcendentalist.
~ My socks rarely, if ever, match.
~Most of the time when I talk I use a lot of my own slang and use contractions, you have me talking to every one as I write.
~ If I were to choose my own death, my last choice would be to die in my sleep, the thought of waking up dead wondering what happened, pisses me off. Perhaps a good bleeding, fully conscious, eyes wide open, looking the reaper straight in the eyes as I pass through.
~ I have never been white water rafting, skydiving, snowboarding, repeling, jet skiing, parasailing, or bunji cord jumping, because I have been waiting for you.

A work in progress,
So much more,
So much more to do,

I would very much enjoy similar "insights" as you know.


Lenore asked me to ask you if you might relay a few things to Archemites. She wants him to know that she is of hearty stock, believe it or not, she is a descendant of Ben and Socrates the stars of the movie "Willard" the classic horror flick from the 70’s. (It is a long story but true) She is eight months old and cute as hell. Her favorite place to be is in my shirt and I take her EVERYWHERE I go. She is house broken. She is all black and feels that this is the ying to the yang of his whiteness. She is also a virgin and saving herself for true love. She so does want to meet him. A good rat is hard to find.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Perfect Strangers is the name of the band I was refering to, the mistaken ~ Opera of the Masks ~ It does seem we are Perfect Strangers, indeed. There is absolutely no offence taken by your pun, quite the contrary, as you know. It ties me tighter to you. I sang that very same song many times and for the life of me I can not remember any of the lyrics, the only thing that comes to me is the opening line which basically sums up your first letter to me "Do you remember … remember my name?"

Have you hear me read Poe in the GothRadio part of my site?

I am obsessed,

Not just for kicks but in real life too.

Your loving, wanting, creaming,

Dagon & Lenore

P.S. This day I risk the daylight to finish my thoughts. MUCH more fun  this eve, I promise.

(rattle, rattle…. thud, thud)



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