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Re: ~Revives~

From: The Vampire Dagon
To: Azling
Subj: Re: ~Revives~
Date: 12/28/98 12:33:27 AM US Eastern Standard Time

I'm having technical problems my computer is freaking out I'm screaming and crying
*****~Forget all this Susan
We've had enough of a rush for now, knife throwing seems tame at this point.
I'll come over right now and we can cry in each other's arms. WE ALREADY HAVE A STORY BOOK FAIRY TALE~*****
Please call me ***-***-****
If my computer goes down I will break into someones house to get a message from you.

I wrote this before I got your message…

.:::Picks himself off the floor and crawls to the keyboard. Picks slowly away at the keyboard with one finger.:::…

Sorry, I guess that wasn't fair. I don't know what you're looking for in a husband or even if you want one, "settling down" does not seem like the kind of future I was thinking about a month ago. But you know that's not what it would be. I don't know, I can't explain it, It just feels right.Take your time, breath for a couple hours, when you feel the time is right, read all our letters, especialy yours because you seem to be able to explain this "Affection" better than I.
I freaked myself out, too.
All I know is that I love you. So some suggestions:

1.) Forget that marriage bullsh*t.

2.) Before I say anything I need to know more about you.

3.) How about a tentative New Years Eve's 1999 on our anniversary.

4.) Or a casual breakfast before the wedding just to get to know each other, then decide.


God how long has it been? I better check my e-mail again.


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