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~The Opera Of Masks~

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From: Azling
To: thevampiredagon@hotmail.com
Subject: ~The Opera Of Masks~
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 18:05:58 EST

... :: as she slights a paled finger tip to her thoughted temple::...I am unsure if you recall the year....or the state of mind you where in<grins>..Yet I do recall the opera clearly..the shaded mask's ....a fašade indeed.......the surging repetition of the deep Baritone .. entangled among the concealed pitches of surreally high screams....or ::as the slender finger taps lightly:: perhaps it was merely the performers.....:: a sly grin ebbs to curl her crimson lips::...

Ahhhh ::in a slow exhaling sigh of pleasant rememberance:::..
Those simple distractions of this..::: a purring draw of sweet laughter:: Life......are long past now....::her dark eyes sweep in a catching glance of the weathered amulet hanging loosely about her throat....snapping from the reminiscence sharply...drawing her back to her original intent:::....

At any rate....
My muse of thought may perhaps be unrequieted....as I look upon what are surely familiar eyes......windows to the soul and much more ...::a light bubbling laugh to the mention of such::...........yet if my assumptions of familiarity are correct.....do contact me...............


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~The Opera Of Masks~

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From: thevampiredagon
To: Azling
Re: ~The Opera Of Masks~

Greetings Azling,

I must say you do know how to turn a phrase in such a way to make a vampire sit up and take notice. Your muse of thought does take you to images far too familiar to be coincidence, but too vague to be definitive. I have to confess you have my muse bound and captivated. As you must know, I am more familiar with freaking out, than being freaked out. Not that anyone enjoys a good a good mindf*ck more than myself. I am curious about the "original intent". You do have me at a serious disadvantage, as you have glimpsed into the gateways of my soul and I am stumbling in mystery, for I know nothing of you other than your eloquent query which said more of me than of yourself. I hesitate to ask the questions I long for an answer to, waiting for your next insight.

Dancing in the Darkness

Blood & Kisses

The Vampire Dagon


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